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SnowVillage Weddings
SnowVillage Weddings
SnowVillage Weddings
SnowVillage Weddings
SnowVillage Weddings

Arriving at the Venue

Arriving to the chapel by reindeer sleigh

Your reindeer pulled sleigh awaits! At an easily accessible crossroads just a short distance from the Snow Village the reindeer herder will assist you into the sleigh and guide the reindeer sleigh on the reindeer track to the chapel. The ride is 1 km and will last approximately 10 minutes.

Price: 299 € / sleigh (1-2 persons)

Arriving to the chapel by snowmobiles

Snowmobiles, overalls, helmets and gloves will be brought to the crossroad that leads to the SnowVillage. Before driving, proper driving and safari instructions will be given to you by your safari guide. The drive can be a short one kilometer or longer 5 kilometer one. Valid driving license “B class” is needed for driving.

Price: 199 € / snowmobile (1-2 persons)




* Always book your wedding direct with the venue, avoid unbonded "agents".

* Always book your holiday through an ATOL bonded Operator and/or an ABTA bonded agent.

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