Optional Extras

True Lapland Optional Extras
True Lapland Optional Extras

Husky safari

True Lapland Optional Extras
True Lapland Optional Extras

Reindeer safari

True Lapland Optional Extras
True Lapland Optional Extras

Skidoo safari

True Lapland Optional Extras
True Lapland Optional Extras

Husky safari


True Lapland Optional Adventures


Puppy Encounter

Time with the huskies in Lapland is always a memorable encounter, especially when you have a chance to meet the litter of new puppies. Head to the husky kennels for a guided tour and to hear stories from real husky mushers. Enjoy cuddling the puppies or taking them for a short walk.

Total duration is 1 hour – £80 per person

Reindeer Herding

Reindeer herding is an important way of life in Lapland. Hosted by local reindeer herders, this fascinating trip starts with a trip to a nearby reindeer farm to meet the animals and learn about reindeer husbandry. Then you’ll take a seat in a traditional sleigh and enjoy a relaxing trip through the snowy surroundings.

Total duration is 1.5 hours – £70 per person

Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari
With two people sharing a snowmobile (driving licence required), you’ll have the opportunity to experience being a driver and a passenger - with a chance to witness the captivating Aurora Borealis. Children under 15 years old will travel in a sleigh pulled behind the guide's snowmobile.

Total duration is 1 hour – £95 per person

Ice Fishing by Snowmobile

Travel by snowmobile to an ideal spot on the frozen Muonio River where you can try your hand at fishing in a whole new way: traditional ice-fishing. Break the ice, lower your baited hook into the waters below and see if you can catch a fish. Then share your stories over a cup of hot glogi.

Total duration is 1.5 hours – £60 per person


Northern Lights Husky Safari

Experience the thrill of mushing your own team of huskies through the Arctic snowscape, the silence of the wilderness only broken by the sounds of paws on snow. Those under 18 years old will travel as passengers in a sled. If luck is on your side, the Northern Lights will evolve in the sky above.

Total duration is 1 hour – £90 per person


A Night in an Igloo

Make your family holiday to Lapland even more memorable and experience a stay in a real igloo made of snow and ice. Unwind after the day’s exploration around a crackling open fire before settling down for the night, warmly tucked in your Arctic sleeping bag atop a reindeer skin on your bed of ice. (Only available in Karesuando).

Total cost: £120 per person

* Prices can change at any time. Check with reservations.


My wonderful trips already include a whole host of fantastic adventures and activities, but there’s always time for more. Choose from my selection here to make the absolute most of your trip and I would recommend booking in the UK in advance for extra savings and to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun. 



All excursions include expert guides, equipment and all necessary instruction. On our Northern Lights night safaris, we search for the best viewpoints rather than aim to cover a specific distance.


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On all safaris, unless a supplement is paid to secure a single rider, you may be required to share with another person from the group. All prices are per person. All distances and durations are approximate and subject to weather conditions and route on the day.


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All excursions are subject of minimum numbers and local conditions and are non-refundable. However, you will be automatically refunded the full price paid for your excursion if it doesn’t go ahead due to operational reasons.


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*All Snowmobile activities carry a €550 damage deposit which is payable locally. A valid driving license must be shown upon arrival.** The ability to drive and control a husky team on longer safaris is determined by physical attributes. Normally, anybody over the age of 18 should be able to handle a dog team comfortably.


Photos & text courtesy of Transun.