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Saariselka Inn Log Cabins

2)  Choose your Adventures in Levi

Choose Your Own Arctic Adventures

Thermal Overalls & Boots (Age 3+)
All-in-one bolier suit type overalls to protect you from the Arctic conitions and the boots to keep your feet warm. Price is for 7 days.

Overalls - £29pp

Boots - £15pp

Visit Santa's Elves Hideaway
Hidden away in a snowy candlelit magic forest, full of atmosphere and fun for the children. Visiting one of Santa's workshops and making gingerbread with his elves, the chance to visit Comet the reindeer, Elf school and various snow games for youngsters - tobogganing and snowballs are always on the agenda. Plus of course, there's the highlight of the day with a private meeting wiht Santa Claus himself guaranteed for each family.

Adult (17+):  £69
(4-16):  £55

Child (1-3):  £10

Arctic Ice Fishing (Age 4+)
Try your hand at the Artic art of ice fishing on a frozen lake.  Weather conditions permitting.

Adult (13+):  £59
(4-12):  £35

Reindeer Safari & Farm Visit
Visiting a local Sami reindeer farm gives you an evocative picture of the traditional Sami lifestyle, in which reindeer play a central part. You will hear great stories from the Sami hosts and learn the secret of suopunkki (Sami lasso), along with many reindeer facts and their fondness for mushrooms. 

Ride in a reindeer sleigh through the snowy fells and forests, which feels as if you have entered the secret world of Narnia through a magic wardrobe. At least until your reindeer decides to pause for a snack on some tasty lichen under the snow... some do have a stubborn streak.

1km Safari

Adult (13+):  £45
(4-12):  £25
(1-3):  £10

3km Safari

Adult (13+):  £55
(4-12):  £35
(1-3):  £10

Snowmobile Safari - 28km

Experience an exhilarating ride through the breathtaking arctic scenery, changing from deep pine forests, fells, moorland, to the wide open expanses of frozen lakes and rivers. 

You will be kitted out in some serious winter gear, including complete thermal suits and boots, thick gloves and insulated helmets. With the surprisingly easy to drive snowmobiles you will be on your two-hour trip, covering some 28km, in no time. Pausing for a break half way through to really take in the snowy wilderness that is around you.

* Driver's must have a valid driving license

Adult Sharing (13+):  £75
Adult Single
(17+):  £99

Child (4-12):  £29

Husky Safari & Farm Visit
The huskies are impatient and ready to go. As soon as they are harnessed to their sleds, the sound of excited barking fills the air. The huskies are in their element as the sled glides across the pristine snow.

After some essential instruction you will be your team of huskies will be on your way. Keeping in line along the trails, speeding through the wilderness and weaving through deep forest in the low winter sun.

2km Safari

Adult (13+):  £49
(4-12):  £25
(1-3):  £10

8km Safari (Age 4+)

Adult (13+):  £79
(4-12):  £45

Snowshoe Safari (Age 7+)
Take a gentle guided snowshoe walk, immersing yourself in the stunning Arctic Circle scenery. Breathe in the fresh air as you reach some spectacular and untouched beauty spots. On your well deserved break you will take a seat ready for hot drinks and interesting stories about the night sky, Northern Lights and the Lappish culture.


Adult (13+):  £49
(7-12):  £25


Adult (13+):  £39
(7-12):  £19

Lainio SnowHotel Visit
An excursion to the local SnowHotel where people stay in Ice Rooms and marry in the Ice Chapel.

The clever, moody lighting of the snow, ice-sculptures and wall-carvings, and the way the lights glow through the solid ice 'furniture', creates a mystical feel to the Lainio SnowHotel.

Each winter it takes over 27,000 cubic metres of snow, chunks of river-ice up to a metre thick and weighing up to 3 tonnes, and a team of 50 people working flat out for 350 hours, to create its impressive 4,500 square metres. Beautiful carvings decorate the rooms, courtyards, ice bar, restaurant and Ice Chapel. 

Adult (15+):  £39
(4-14):  £25
(1-3):  £10

Northern Lights Horse Sleigh
Sit back and relax in a one horse open sleigh under the starry night sky, being in search of the Northern Lights. 

Adult (13+):  £45
(4-12):  £25
(1-3):  £10

Horse Riding Safari (Age 4+)
Enjoy the winter magic whilst riding along snowy forest trails. With a rose tinted sky being seen through the snow-laden trees, you will get the feeling of an enchanted journey on horseback. 

A perfect experience for both beginner and experienced riders, you will warm up after your hack with a hot drink and cookie. 

Adult (13+):  £65
(4-12):  £65

Northern Lights Husky (Age 4+)
A longer night time husy safari though the Arctic Wilderness in search of the Northern Lights. 

Adult (13+):  £139
(4-12):  £89

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